3 Video Games Forced to Have to Cancel the Sequel Version, Why Ya?

Every game maker, definitely wants a game that made it selling in the market. If the game is in demand, it will almost certainly appear the sequel. In fact, sometimes the sequel has been designed since before the game was released. You also must have played a game that has many series right?

It's just that there are some games that are forced to cancel the sequel. Approximately why are ya guys? Let's see the video game line below.

Video Games This is Forced to Have to Cancel its Sequel Version

1. Too Human (Xbox)

This game began to be designed in the late 1990s and was released in 2008. From the beginning, the game was designed to be a trilogy. Silicon Knights as the initiator is eager to create RPG games with epic tales that are hard to forget. In fact, the process of making this game does not run smoothly.

Originally the game was made for playstation but later changed for Xbox. After a lot of delays, the game was finally released. Since the beginning of the release, the game has received negative reviews from game critics. Gamers were reluctant to play it because the battle mode is not cool. Finally, the planned trilogy never existed.

2. The Order: 1886

Ever played the game 'God of War' yet guys? Games released by Sony for playstation is selling well in the year 2000-an. Because of its success, Sony asked the game developer named Ready at Dawn to make a version of its Playsation Portable. Since its version of Playsation Portable is also successful, Ready at Dawn has ambitions to produce new games like 'God of War'.

Appears game titled 'The Order: 1886'. This game is expected to reap a great success because the experienced makers make 'God of War'. In fact, this game is not sold and not interesting to play. Instead of following the success of 'God of War', this game is soon forgotten and there is never a sequel.

3. Mass Effect: Andromeda

BioWare is one of the best game developers ever. Many games developed successfully in the market, including the 'Mass Effect' trilogy. When this trilogy is over, gamers are convinced that there is no next sequel. In fact, BioWare released a new game entitled 'Mass Effect: Andromeda'.

The idea is good, that gamers can roam hundreds of planets in the Andromeda galaxy. In fact, this game does not sell because it is not focused. The plan 'Mass Effect: Andromeda' is the beginning of a new trilogy. Unsold, the whole plan of a sequel was canceled. Poor also ya guys?

The final word

Well, that's him guys games that the sequel is canceled made. If you're still interested in playing those games, just be guys. But, the risk is borne alone yes.

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