More Ngeselin from Cat Mario, It's a Game That Can Make You Catch HP

Have you ever been annoyed when playing a game? You may be annoyed because the ending is ugly, the gameplay is crummy, or stalled at a certain level. However, you may still have a good view of the game.

Another case if you play Trap Adventure 2. A game that can be downloaded for users of iOS and Android devices. This game represents a sad reflection of the world. Every building or object structure in this game is trying to kill you. His efforts are not only once but repetitive. The goal is your death as a player.

More irritated from Cat Mario, It's a Game That Can Make You Catch HP

1. Gameplay Trap Adventure 2

Let's see how this game is played. At a glance you will feel that this game is similar to Super Mario. It's a similar gameplay, but after starting the game, you'll immediately feel the difference.

New at the beginning, you can suddenly pierced iron thorn from the bottom. When you repeat, you know there is a thorn in it and jump, suddenly there is a thorn from above. Well, start dizzy you

Such incidents will continue throughout the game. The traps can really irritate you because they are constantly on. You can suddenly fall to the thorns because the floor is crashing. The next time you jump over that tumbling floor, the other traps are waiting. Guaranteed you will be frustrated made.

2. The Hardest Game But Popular

This game is a sequel to the first game entitled Trap Adventure which is released in 2013. The game has been named one of the hardest retro games. As the developer of this game, Hiroyoshi Oshiba gives a warning to the app store when you will download.

The warning is clear that this game is difficult, annoying, and frustrating. Oshiba also reminded that so annoyed, could be your phone you slam.

3. How to Play to Win

Playing this game can make you stress, guys. So Jaka remember to baseball try it directly. But, if you are desperate, then Jaka saranin to try how to play on the video above.


Well, how? Approximately you're interested in not playing this game? Even if you are challenged to play, be careful guys, do not let your phone become a victim. If you play alone it may be frustrating, but it could be entertaining when you see others play it. Well, the choice is in you guys. If it's ready to get frustrated, please download it in the app store and play it. Get ready to buy a new HP huh!

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